Nonavut International Company Ltd



Nunavut works under Major Scoters looking
forwards to meets the clients expectation

Imports and Exports Sector

This department works with a group of international companies, and is concerned with the importing necessary supplies for the food sector, engineering sector, advertisement sector, in addition to exporting some different products. as the procedures of Sudan and KSA

Engineering Sector

This sector contains several team in some engineering fields. these teams works as one integrated engineering sector in order to provide maximum effort to our clients in their deferent fields of work : 
  • Internal Design and Decoration 
    This department concerned with innovation and creative thinking by mix a specific environment factors to provide an aesthetic image and specific denotation through processing the empty places and distances by using all factors of aesthetic design, furthermore this department provides engineering diagrams, supervising the construction laborers which concerned with designations, in addition to this department provide the special engineering consultations according to customer wishes and expectations. 
  • Information Center department
    This department is concerned with all particulars to computer programming, setting up and activation certain computer programs, maintenance and installation of servers. as well as Network Installation, Maintenance Supply and installation of high-efficiency computers as per customer’s needs..
  • Maintenance Department
    This department provides periodic maintenance for small factories and companies, as well as for the organizations working in the field of water and electricity and agricultural sector.
  • Security and Safety Department
    This department is in charge of installation, monitoring and maintenance of anti-fire systems, surveillance cameras CCTV system, as well as providing security and safety equipment. It also provides training in security and safety in cooperation with accredited security and safety consultants who work closely with electricity, petroleum and construction companies. 

Advertisement Department

It is a separate department composed of exceptional and specialized teams in :

  • Logos Design 
  • Designing and Printing Flaps
  • Designing and Printing brochures 
  • Designing and printing banners of all kinds and sizes 
  • Designing and printing stickers 
  • Designing companies profiles 
  • Production of advertisement videos
  • Production of television advertisement
  • Designing , and printing of brochures, such as technical programs for training centers
  • Wood design backgrounds, acrylic or glass
  • Websites creation for enterprises
  • Organizing concerts for openings of new centers or branches
  • Providing unique advertising sites such as airports and major commercia
  • Organizing conferences and exhibitions

Outsourcing services Sector

Nonavut provides high professional service with a dedicated and professional team. due to our knowledge that customer maintenance and building an excellent customer base depends on specific team, the real challenge is to maintain services efficiency and availability, and always provide service with a reasonable cost. seeking support by an external resources is the best solution, as long as being supported by an external resource may be surrounded with obstacles. Nonavut provides direct
external resource without problems.

Benefits of intermediate services Support
Nonavut supported with external resources have a significant benefits. As There are many offshoring companies at international level. Nonavut is distinguished as a multi-solutions provider, as we provide a low-cost service in various Sectors. As well as enjoying full transparency among our customers, employees and head office. 

Level support of external office assistance
Nonavut provides support and services for its customers by phone and customer services. There are a significant tools and
technologies. We already use it to improve our services, we have effective processes to make the transfer of knowledge with fast and effective tools immediately.


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